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About Pat McCulloch  
Pat McCulloch Pat McCulloch was raised on a farm in Alberta and developed a love of reading at an early age. There were many animals on the farm and her first pet was Togo, a dog she rescued from the Calgary Animal Shelter when he was about 6 months old. Her favourite books are some general fiction and British mystery. Pat volunteers with the Calgary Public Library in the Adult Literacy Program. She has two adult children, Michael and Megan and she currently lives in Calgary with her dog, Sophie, and her tabby cat, Stanley.

Togo Learns to Play

(Illustrated Childrens')

Togo Learns how to Play

Togo Makes a New Friend

(Illustrated Childrens')

Togo Learns how to Play

Togo was a small brown dog with one black ear, a little grey beard and a long tail. By dog standards, he was kind of an odd fellow, but he didn’t care. He lived on a farm with all of his farm friends.

In ‘Togo Learns to Play’ he has to learn that fun should be fun for everyone or it isn’t fun at all.

In ‘Togo Makes a New Friend’ he learns that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way, and that is one of the things that make this world a special place.

These are children’s illustrated books for an audience of 0 – 7, hopefully, read to the child on your lap or close at hand so they can enjoy the illustrations and page through the story themselves by following the paw prints that lead them through the book. Also, remember to follow Togo on his future adventures as he learns more things about life on the farm.

About J. J. Johnson  
J. J. Johnson

J.J.Johnson is an intuitive healer. She lives on a farm in Central Alberta, Canada with her husband and family.

She has also written three other books:

The Angel Trilogy
Book One: Soul’s Journey
Book Two: Soul’s Awakening
Book Three: Soul’s Connection

Soul's Beginning

(Young Adult Fiction)

Soul's Beginning


Teenager Jackie Morgan’s life has been turned upside down and sideways when she meets the boy next door and embarks upon a terrifying journey.

Jackie’s life is forever changed when her mom and new husband move her and her brother to a new town in Alberta from Vancouver. Not very popular or socially skilled, Jackie is even more worried about fitting in at a new school when all she wants is to be happy. This worry is compounded when Jackie has an unfortunate accident the first day of classes; an accident that introduces her to the hottest hunk at her school, Tristan.

A renaissance man, he is kinder and wiser than the other teenage boys. He’s also Jackie’s next door neighbour. After an awkward first meeting, they are drawn to one another like magnets which sets Jackie up as a target for the school mean girl and her posse. Now it’s not a question of being popular or liked but one of surviving school on a daily basis.

Unknown to Jackie, Tristan has some pretty big secrets of his own which will lead to his terrifying transformation into something Jackie can no longer recognize. He is unable to be the kind and caring boy she had come to know. Jackie becomes even more terrified when she finds out that she is the only one who can save him. Will she succeed? If she does, will the mean girls find a way to make sure she pays such a high price that she will never find happiness?

About Nancy Jane  
Nancy Jane

Nancy Jane was born and raised in Ontario but she fell in love with all things western and made the west her home. She and her husband live on a horse ranch in the beautiful Parkland area of Alberta where she works as the artist 'Nancy Jackson' and raises Quarter Horses. The ranch is also home to many rescued cats, dogs, llamas, horses and ponies.

Flying Kites

(Adult Fiction)

Flying Kites

In 1999, TJ Hunter did not care if she lived any longer. In terms of wealth she had been blessed beyond her wildest dreams but, in terms of happiness, she was sure she had been cursed. Overlooked as an irrelevant girl as a child, she had finally found her perfect life, only to have it wrenched from her grasp in wave after wave of grief. Now, still numb from loss, she is forced to face a life-threatening illness and she just doesn’t care if she survives.

As she is sitting in her doctor’s office, TJ has a chance encounter with a magazine article about hockey legend Wayne Gretzky retiring. The article sparks something deep inside her memory and strange things start to happen, catapulting TJ on a magical journey in an attempt to recover from the horrors of her past and face the uncertainty of her future.

Can TJ find the spirit within her to go on with living? Can the horrors of the past somehow be laid to rest as two stories of loss become entwined and reach a surprising conclusion? Are there any answers to questions that have been floating on the wind, like lost kites, for so many years?

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