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Grey Goose Press Inc. is a Canadian micro publisher that came about from a love of reading. Our vision is to publish great books that may have been missed by mainstream publishers. So many of our books come from a system that sticks to a manuscript selection formula rather than look at each book from its own unique perspective. This commits readers to the same stuff, over and over again, and we miss those stories, diamonds in the rough as some may be, that introduce us to hidden gems. Included in that vision is the hope that more books will be published with a Canadian perspective… after all, if we don’t tell our own stories, no one else will. These stories reflect our unique landscape and give shape to an image of the Canadian culture, values and identity.

Once we came up with our vision we determined that it had to be executed with a sense of humour, tongue in cheek, pressing home the point that reading should always be about sheer joy – no matter what the genre. Reading is critical to so many things that make for a better and wiser world and it has been sadly neglected in a time when instant gratification is considered the norm. We want people to learn to savour the process of reading through a story; to hang off every word and, in the end, regretfully realize there are no more words left to read. That regret will motivate them to want to read another book and, then another…

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